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Wall to wall travertine tile

Why is designing so important?

Nowadays, the most essential step after buildings first operation is the designing part. Both interior ‌and exterior design are important in their own right. You need to keep in mind that skipping one of these two, will makes your house beauty significantly imperfect. Be sure that, this is not what a houseowner wants for his property after lots of investments. In the latest century, natural stones have been the most favored materials for these cases. Millions of house-owners invest their money on them to add a great layer of beauty to their home. In this blog, the point is to take a quick scan on travertine tile.


Travertine tile

Travertine has always been among the mostly used natural materials for architectural cases. But before uncovering the details about this amazing stone, let’s explore the basic information first. What is travertine? It’s a type of limestones which is created from calcium carbonates. They mostly sold in tile form. Travertine tiles can easily be installed in both exterior and interior parts of your house, office and lots of residential purposes. With this kind of natural stone, your walls and floors don’t have a monotonous form anymore! In the next part of blog, we will check the advantages of travertine tile.




Durability: One of the significant reasons which makes travertine so favorite among people is its amazing durability and long-lasting. But why is that so important? When you are investing huge amount of money on a project, you need to ensure yourself that it doesn’t suffer from erosion soon. With travertines, there is no stress in this situation.

Easy maintenance: when it comes to travertine tile, you shouldn’t be worry about after installation progresses. Travertines mainly doesn’t require any further costs for maintenance. Even if weather changes wear down your travertine tiles after a long period of time, the repairment is so easy and quick.

Anti-scratch: the beauty and smoothness of countertop, walls and floors has a great importance for housewives. Good news! Travertines are totally resistant against scratches and wouldn’t get hurt from sharp objects.


You can easily choose your favorite travertine patterns and colors in YAZDSTONE. We are there for you from the first step till the last. So do not hesitate and call us as soon as you decide to invest your money on travertine tiles. thanks for your consideration.








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