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When it comes to designing stones, people usually don’t have any idea where they come from. Its important to have a basic information in a material you need for your house beautifying. In this blog we are going to focus on travertine which is so popular among people in house interior designing projects. So, if you want to catch a main idea and get some details about travertines processes from quarry, stay tuned!


What is travertine?

Like marble, granite and limestone, travertine is a kind of natural stone. it can be used most often in house interior parts. Your kitchen, living room and hall will be more attractive with travertine tile flooring. Travertine is one of the most favored materials for houseowners all around the world. If you need more information about travertine, take a quick scan here. But what do you know about its operation? Following paragraph contains accurate explanation in this case.


Travertine quarry

Obviously, natural stones aren’t made from human beings. They naturally formed by mineral and waters. Travertine also in not an exception. This beautiful stone is a form of calcium carbonate and miners extract it from quarries through intolerable processes. imagine a mountain of rock that should be extracted of natural stones, which contains small and big stone blocks. Most of travertine used all around the world is supplied by stone mines in USA, Turkey, Iran and Mexico.


After quarry

The extracting execution is the first step in natural stones operations. Definitely, you are not able to use and install freshly extracted stone in your house. But what are the next steps to make these pure blocks usable?  The stone producers divide these huge blocks into smaller slabs and shapes. Let’s mention that travertine comes in different colors, mostly beige, brown and gray. That’s the main reason which makes it so delightful. the next level is to get rid of the opaque form of stones which usually can be solved by polishing with glossy liquids.


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