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Dear users, welcome to Yazd stone. As our first blog I am going to introduce you what features we will give you here, so stay tuned. As you know, a good design is the most significant factor of an ideal home, workplace and apartment, which attracts your eyes. In the recent century, people believe that the architecture directly effects on marketing, property value, and even mental health. So, they have been used many different materials to make fantastic building and modern workplaces. one of the mentioned materials is stone. From the time of primitives till now, stone has been one of the significant and necessary part of any construction that it cannot be removed. In 20th, Architects began to use different stones to design the exterior and interior parts of buildings and this was the starting point for the evolution of the stone industry.

Interior part


Definitely you are aware of the role which stone plays in your house. They are in every single part of your apartment. This material in the interior side is not easy to use but it gives a great look to your area. It can be installed in both private and public parts of the house. In this case the most important thing is to be aware of which stones are applicable for your situation. For example, some stones are waterproof so they are the best choice to be applied in bathroom. So, if you are going to invest your money on this case, first research to find the most suitable stone.



It’s better to know that stones are not limited to interior designs, but they also have great effects on the exterior part! But which stones are most favored building material? for residential and commercial buildings, natural stones are the most popular one which the architects believe. they give a sense of longevity to any property. But actually, they are lots of natural stones for exterior parts, first you should distinguish their uses, specifications and properties, so you can easily choose the best option which fits your home. The most popular types of natural stones are: Granite, limestone, marble, travertine and quartz.

In upcoming blogs, we are going to give you the whole information about each of them, so be here with us if you prefer to design your house or workplace with best materials. Thanks for your time!



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