granite design

Granite interior uses

Granite interior uses


Are you interested to find a way which makes your house interior design more delightful? lots of materials exist in market in this case, but stones have always been one with the high demand. Each year, millions of people in the world use different stone to beautify their house, office, or residential places. But when it comes to interior designs, Granite has special points among other competitors. in following paragraphs, we are going to get you familiar with this all-purpose stone uses.


Kitchen countertops

Granites are commonly used in countertops and kitchen islands. because of great durability and wide unlimited patterns and designs, granites have been always among the first choices which come to mind. Granite is both scratchproof and waterproof and these are the reasons that make it perfect for kitchen countertops. There is a huge variety of colors and styles, you can easily pick up the one which fits your kitchen.



Fireplaces are one of the main spots of your house. It has a great importance that they be in a good look and design. Using granite for fireplaces makes them more stylish and chicer. Granite tiles have a high resistance to heat and it is also durable, that’s why many modern fireplaces are installed with them. If you are worry about maintaining and the cleaning parts, its good to mention that granite is the easiest to clean and doesn’t require any further maintenance.


Granite tile flooring

Flooring is the most important factor of your house interior design, so pay attention in each move you take for it! granite is loved by homeowners across the world in flooring cases. It can also be used in offices and commercial institutions, but it more preferred for houses flooring. It will bright up your area and gives a great look to any room. But the essential step in granite tile flooring process is to pick the right style and color which suits your house. This right choice depends on some factors like moisture level and movement frequency.


Interior stone installations are sensitive processes, the slightest damage will catch others attention at the first look. So be aware what contractor you are going to pick up as your designer and consulter in this case. YAZDSTONE professional team is ready to give you the best products with the least price. So, call us whenever any question comes to your mind. Thanks for your time


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