Everything about travertine


Why stone?

The reason is crystal clear! Nowadays, the most significant part of building or renovating a house is its design and decoration, in both interior and exterior side. But what do you have in mind to beautify your home in the best possible way? For many years, stones were the most popular materials among people. If you take a quick scan on modern villas after the 20th century, you will see that stones have played an important role in the interior. You can also use stone as an ornament to represent a great connection between nature and your area. People install both natural and faux stones for house decoration. In this blog we are going to take a brief look on travertine.


What is travertine?

If you are going to use stones as your house view, you have a big variety of them to choose from. Travertine is one of favorite one for decoration cases among people. It’s a natural type with a great look and mostly used in flooring. Travertine is a kind of limestone. It is not possible to deny the way travertine gives a breathtaking classical look to your floors. It has an acceptable durability, so you will no longer have to worry about the cost of annual repairs. Keep reading to learn the whole information about travertines. Be sure that we will have you all caught up in the end of blog!


Travertine tile

Travertine tile might be an ideal choice for you, if you are looking for a classical and modern floor. This beautiful natural stone not only provides a high durability but also, it’s a unique choice for beautifying. With travertine floor covering you don’t have any fear of high heels or scratching. To some extent, it is water resistant, so can use it even for outdoor.


Travertine has a unique beauty and it attracts the eyes. because of this feature, it becomes very popular among architects and designers. Although travertine is a natural stone, it also has a good variety. available in gray, white, and gold. You can easily choose the one which fits your interior design.


Travertine tile flooring is a delicate and sensitive project. So be aware that it can not be left to an amateur team. Yazdstone group is here to help you to come with the most ideal choice in picking up an stone. we will be there for you till the last step. Call us for more information.

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