marble cleaning tips

4 Tips to protect your marble floor

Marble floor maintenance tips

What do you know about marble floors maintenance? How much do you think it’s important to use a suitable way to clean your floor? Nowadays, many people all over the world use natural stones to floor their apartments, offices and etc. But, when you are done with installation part, it’s just the beginning. The most important thing in house investments is up to us to protect them from damages and whatever makes them decay. There are some tips about marble floor maintenance and cleaning which we will discuss more in next paragraphs.

1) Use a suitable cleaner

The main part which you should consider in your marble floor cleaning is to choose a right cleanser. First factor for choosing a suitable liquid cleaner is to be a PH neutral. Be aware of not using acidic cleansers for marble tiles. vinegar and water combination are harmful for your floor. If you need to remove heavy stains from your marble, you can use hydrogen peroxide mixture with ammonia.

2) Avoid scratching

Marble flooring will cost a lot, so undeniably, you don’t want to replace your tiles for a long period of time. Only dusts particularly will cause scratch and abrasion. So, the most significant step you should follow to protect your tiles from scratching is picking a good cleaner tool for dusting. Use a soft cloth and mop the floor gently.

3) Do not let the floor wet

If you want to prevent water damages, it’s better to dry your floor immediately after rinsing. You can use soft towel or dusting mops to remove the wet from the surface. Microfiber cloth can be used as a dryer. It will both cause a good shining result and prevent scratching at the same time.

4) Marble sealing

Why sealing and polishing is an inseparable part of each floor? Sealing is surface care which applied for some benefits. When you seal the marble floor, you are guarantying your tiles from any foreign threats. It also makes your marble floor more durable, and increases its hardness. You can easily use marble sealer sprays and polish your floor by your own!


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